Depiction Lab

Depiction Lab create superior branded environments. We explore creative and innovative processes within design and challenge conventional thinking.


James Briley

With a background in product, furniture and interior design, James brings a valuable edge to the company with his vast knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. A graduate of Ravensbourne College, James has had an extensive career working for a number of award winning design agencies, including Fitch and Native Design, before co-founding Depiction Lab. His portfolio spans a wide range of large corporate entities and small independent brands from all over the world, including Samsung and Virgin Atlantic.

James Briley

Who we are

Depiction Lab is a London based design consultancy that believes in fusing innovation with functionality to create superior branded environments for the retail, commercial and leisure sectors.

We create maximum impact designs, by merging value, innovation and credibility into our practice and our partnerships. We deliver a bespoke client experience that is unique to your vision and the needs of your brand.

What we do

Innovative solution finders; Depiction Lab create niche concepts using our expertise in 3D branded environments. Working with the latest innovations in digital media, we express our creations in a lucid and progressive manner, allowing the client to merge their ideas and expectations with our own ingenuity.

Our commitment to consumer experiences' and design is at the forefront of our objectives (whether working on low budget concepts or high-end complex projects). We are committed to understanding a client


However you want to communicate is fine with us.

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